Reacting to the violent protests over suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s comments about Prophet Mohammad, Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur on Saturday said the “system of worship” which teaches to attack after coming out of a religious place can not be described as “shreshtha (great)”. The BJP MP has already come out in support of Sharma and expelled BJP leader Naveen Jindal whose statements about Prophet Mohammad have triggered a huge controversy.

“When we visit and come out of a temple or gurudwara after worship, we feel peace of mind, happiness and bliss. But you must have seen that (people) come out of a mosque and attack immediately,” Thakur told reporters here.

“Certainly a system of worship, where such ideas are imparted that you leave a place of worship and attack society, can not be termed as ‘shreshtha’ (great) . This is not humanity, this is not compassion,” she said.

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