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4 In-demand Side Jobs For 2024 — One Of Them Pays Up To 150 Dollars Per Hour

By Mahesh Limbani Jan 5, 2024

One Of Them Pays Up To 150 Dollars Per Hour

Americans have started to plan their money transactions for 2024. Nearly a quarter, 22%, plan to pay off debt, according to a November 2023 Bankrate survey of 2,391 U.S. adults, while 15% plan to save for emergencies. And only slightly more, 16%, plan to get a better-paying job or find another source of income.

If you’re one of those looking for another source of income this year, consider what you like to do for fun or what you have a natural talent for, and look into the possibility of turning that into money. For example, if you love animals, perhaps looking after pets is for you.

Here are four side hustles that experts believe will be in demand this year.

House helper

Since the pandemic, more and more employees are returning to the office. “People who were used to doing a lot of things because they didn’t have to commute and were at home can’t do that anymore,” says Angelique Rewers, Managing Director of small business consultancy BoldHaus.

As a result, “we’re seeing that people are looking for helpers for personal shopping and even personal returns,” she says. People are hiring helpers for “things like mowing the lawn or washing the car” This category is commonly referred to as household help, home managers, or even personal assistants and can run the gamut of errands in people’s daily lives.

Offer your services as a household helper on websites like Nextdoor and in local community groups on Facebook. If you want to do other people’s laundry, you can also sign up on sites like Poplin or Hampr. Rewers says she’s gotten between $15 and $30 an hour for this work.

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