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BJP’s Plan On 8 Years Of PM Modi In Power

By Mahesh Limbani May 21, 2022

Ministers To Visit Villages: BJP's Plan On 8 Years Of PM Modi In Power

BJP is marking eight years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government.


Crediting the “MYY factor” for its victory in the recent assembly polls, the BJP on Friday announced that all Union ministers will visit villages across the country to mark eight years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government and take feedback on welfare schemes.

Addressing a press conference, BJP’s national general secretary Vinod Tawde elaborated on MYY — “mahila” (woman), youth and “yojana” (welfare schemes) and said the party will celebrate eight years of the Modi government on the theme of “sewa, sushasan aur garib kalyan”.

The BJP’s coinage of ‘MYY factor’ was seen by some as a counter to the so-called ‘MY factor’, which has been associated with its regional rivals like RJD in Bihar and Samajwadi party in UP for their wide support among Muslims and Yadavs. The support of voters, who benefited from many Central government welfare schemes, to the BJP in the recent elections has been seen as a major factor for its big win.

The decision of sending the ministers to villages was taken during the BJP’s national office-bearers’ meeting, chaired by its president JP Nadda.

During the meeting, the BJP also expressed concern over the crime situation in the Congress-ruled Rajasthan.

The party in a statement said history will remember Prime Minister Modi “as a symbol of kindness and compassion” as it cited a number of welfare programmes launched by his government.  

“All the Union Ministers will visit villages across the country to interact with beneficiaries (of welfare schemes) and stay overnight there,” Mr Tawde said, adding the exercise is aimed at taking people’s feedback.

Hailing Prime Minister Modi’s leadership for the party’s victory in the assembly polls of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, Mr Tawde said people voted for the BJP rising above various considerations, including caste.  

“A new factor of MYY (mahila, youth and yojana) has emerged as a result of the Modi government’s pro-people policies. And this factor was reflected in the recent assembly elections,” Mr Tawde said.

“Modi’s resolve and work have created a segment of beneficiaries of government schemes and a new “MYY” equation, which is ‘mahila’, and youth and ‘yojana’, beyond the confines of castes and sects for creating a new India,” the BJP said in a statement.

At the meeting, a resolution highlighting the PM Modi government’s “India First” foreign policy was also adopted with the BJP saying that the policy checked regional imbalance.

The PM Modi government focused on the development of backward areas by terming them as “aspirational districts”, it said.

Sharing details of the party’s resolution on Rajasthan, BJP’s national spokesperson and MP Rajyawardan Rathore said the state has become a “hub of crime in the country”.   “On one side, Rajasthan tops in crime against women, on the other, it is at the lowest position in the implementation of welfare schemes,” Mr Rathore claimed.

This meet will be followed by the BJP’s organisational general secretaries’ meeting on Saturday.

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