Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
India Gold Price TodayGold price

India Gold prices rose in India on Friday, according to data from India’s Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

Gold price stood at 73,280 Indian Rupees (INR) per 10 grams, up INR 250 compared with the INR 73,030 it cost on Thursday.

As for futures contracts, India Gold prices decreased to INR 72,635 per 10 gms from INR 72,898 per 10 gms.

Prices for Silver futures contracts increased to INR 83,280 per kg from INR 83,273 per kg.

Major Indian cityGold Price
New Delhi75,645

Global Market Movers: Comex Gold price glitters on mounting geopolitical tensions

  • Comex Gold price remains supported amid a cautious market environment, following reports of Israeli missiles striking a site in Iran.
  • Iran’s Fars News Agency reported explosions at the central Isfahan airport.
  • The gains in the US Dollar could limit the advance of the Gold prices.
  • Hawkish US Federal Reserve (Fed) commentaries also continue to justify a delayed policy pivot, keep the US Dollar underpinned at the expense of Gold price.

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