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Man sentenced to 15 years in jail for drugging and raping woman

By Mahesh Limbani May 22, 2022

A 31-YEAR-OLD man was sentenced to 15 years in jail by a special court for drugging and raping a woman as well as recording a video of the act to extort her for money. The accused, who was identified in the video from a tattoo on his thumb, had attempted to emboss another shape on it to evade punishment. The court relied on the video to convict the accused on charges, including rape.

The incident took place in 2015, and the accused and the victim were both working at a hospital. The accused asked the victim to meet him and promised to help her get a job at a private hospital. He took her to a room and offered her a spiked cold drink and she fell unconscious.
When she woke up after a few hours, he helped her get on a train for her home. The victim felt disoriented but was unaware of the assault as she was unconscious.

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The next day, she met him at work. He took her phone by saying he wants to make a phone call. Later, the victim found a video on her phone of the sexual assault. He called her later and demanded Rs 10,000 and threatened to share the video with her husband and relatives if she doesn’t pay up.

The woman then approached the police and lodged a complaint. During the trial, the accused claimed that he was in a consensual relationship with the victim, and he was falsely implicated as her husband came to know of their relationship Special Judge Sanjashree Gharat said that even if the accused’s defence is accepted that they were in a relationship, the video of the act shows that the act was committed without her consent. It said that the victim had trusted the accused on his promise of finding her a job.

While the accused’s face could not be seen in the video, the court relied on the victim’s testimony about his tattoo. It also relied on a report of a medical examination at the time of the incident when the description of the tattoo matched the video, though the accused had attempted to emboss another shape on it.

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