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Man Shares Joy Of Booking Business Class Flight Ticket For Parents

By Mahesh Limbani May 21, 2022

Man Shares Joy Of Booking Business Class Flight Ticket For Parents

A man books business class flight tickets for parents to US.

Internet is full of stories of children giving gifts to their parents when they start earning. But a special gift given by a man based in the United States to his parents in India is winning praises on the internet.

The man, who is originally from India and living in the US, shared a post on Twitter about booking business class flight tickets for his parents. 

“First time booking business class tickets for parents to visit us here from India. Feeling extra grown up,” tweeted Gaurav Sabnis, an associate professor.

“Finally able to afford a flight in which parents can stretch out and sleep. Mom dad were still like “kharcha kashala ugich” but I put my foot down,” he added.

The post has received over 1,700 likes on Twitter. 

“Hope the parents enjoy it a lot,” a user wrote.

“Wow! Congratulations, I can imagine the happiness on both sides. May God bless you,” a second user commented.

Mr Sabnis also replied to a user saying, “Mom is a hardened traveler. Dad is a retd highway bridge engineer. So, from her 20s, she has done all kinds of rough, bumpy, even dangerous journeys, often with us 2 kids in tow, with a smile on her face. So, she finds even economy class air travel full of things to be happy about.”

Mr Sabnis further shared his excitement about his mother experiencing such a long journey for the very first time. “She’s gonna be like an excited kid when she lands. Dad will be like, “Bed. Good. Wake me up in New York,” he added.

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