Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray slammed the BJP for ‘shaming’ the country with the remark on Prophet Mohammed and said that the anger from the Muslim countries had bought the countries ‘to its knees’.

“Lately BJP leaders and their spokesperson have been uncontrolled, No one should insult our Gods but you should also not insult their Gods. After the remark was made, all the arab nations came together and brought our country to its knees and made our country to apologise… Why should India apologise for the remark, when the crime was not committed by the country but was committed by a BJP spokesperson.”said Uddhav while addressing a party rally in Aurangabad.

The Chief Minister said that while the rupee was falling and inflation was going up, the BJP was trying to divert the issue by ‘looking for shivlings under mosques;. “They want to look under Taj Mahal, they want to look under Gyanvapi (Mosque).”

Thackeray said the BJP uses religions as a weapon only to win elections. He pointed out the BJP’s silence about the killing of Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir. “Kashmiri pandits are being killed, if this would have happened under a different party, then the BJP would have gone all out, but now not one of them is raising the issue. People are talking about singing Hanuman Chalisa please sing it in Kashmir and save the pandits, use the CBI and ED that is being used in the country for raids in Kashmir.”said Uddhav.

Reiterating again that the Shiv Sena was the one that brought down the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and was proud of it he claimed that the party was different from the BJP as the Sena’s Hindutva was about nationalism. “My father (Late Bal Thackeray) never spoke against Islam or Muslims, we are like Shivaji who always respected Islam. We should keep religion at home and think about the nation when you step outside your home.”said Thackeray.

The Chief Minister spoke of highly of how a soldier in the Indian Army was brutally tortured and killed and stressed that his name was ‘Aurangzeb’.

He also exhorted the centre to rename Chikkalthana airport in Aurangabad as Sambhaji Nagar aiport.

The Chief Minister also slammed the BJP saying that it has not been able to reconcile losing power in the state and has been trying to create obstacles and create a situation to show that the state is ‘unstable’ to show that the state is not investor friendly.

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