A Suspect In An Assassination Attempt On The Vice President Of Argentina Was Arrested In 2021 For Carrying A Weapon

A Suspect In An Assassination Attempt On The Vice President Of Argentina Was Arrested In 2021 For Carrying A Weapon

Police have confirmed to CNN that the suspect in an apparent assassination attempt against Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was arrested last year for “improper use of a weapon”.

The Argentine authorities have identified Fernando Sabag Montiel as the suspect who approached Fernández de Kirchner with a loaded gun outside her home in Buenos Aires on Thursday in what appears to be a failed assassination attempt involving a loaded gun.

The police spokesperson told CNN Sabag Montiel had a weapons permit, but he was arrested in 2021 for carrying a large knife in public, and that he had at least one tattoo with Nazi symbols on his body.

The officials of the Migration Office have said that the man was born on January 13, 1987, in the Brazilian city of So Paulo, and that he has been living in Argentina since 1993.

A Suspect In An Assassination Attempt On The Vice President Of Argentina Was Arrested In 2021 For Carrying A Weapon

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A video of the incident shows Fernández de Kirchner smiling as she walks through a large crowd of supporters as she walks by. Suddenly, a man surges forward and points a gun at the face of the woman.

Despite the fact that no bullets were fired and the vice president was uninjured, the Argentine Ministry of Security later confirmed that the .380 rifle used in the incident did indeed contain bullets.

The Argentinian President Alberto Fernández broadcast a televised address late Thursday night in which he said, “Cristina is still alive because — for some reason that we cannot confirm at this time — the weapon, which was armed with five bullets, did not fire even after the trigger was pulled,” he said.

The recent attack on Fernández de Kirchner, who served as the country’s president from 2007 to 2015 before taking office as vice president in 2019, has shocked the nation and the rest of the region.

The leaders of Mexico, Cuba, Chile, and Venezuela have all reacted with horror to the news and expressed their solidarity with Fernández de Kirchner, while the Argentine President announced that Thursday would be a national holiday so that people could rally around her.

According to Sabag Montiel’s girlfriend, who took part in a live interview on Argentine national television following the arrest of his boyfriend, she too is struggling to make sense of what had happened after the arrest.

“Sabag Montiel is a good, hard-working man who hasn’t shown any signs of violence “in recent weeks”, according to his girlfriend, who is only identified by her first name in the interview, Ambar.

The last time she saw him was on Wednesday and she couldn’t understand why he had done what he had done.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about it. [Sabag] did not tell me any details about any of it,” Ambar said.

According to two magistrates, Sabag is currently being held in custody while awaiting trial on the charge of attempted murder and has been assigned a public defense attorney to assist him in his defense.

In recent days, supporters of the vice president have held rallies near her home to protest prosecutors’ request that she serve a 12-year prison sentence for alleged corruption in order to oppose the request.

As a result of clashes between her supporters and the police last weekend, 14 law enforcement officials were injured and four arrests were made.