Jordan Elsass will not return to the CW's DC series Superman & Lois for its third season. Therefore, his role, Jonathan Kent, will be recast.

After Texas native Elsass failed to return to work by the deadline for the cast to reconvene in Vancouver, where Superman & Lois is filmed, the decision was made.

Due to personal reasons, Jordan Elsass will not be returning to Superman & Lois for season three. Jonathan Kent will be recast," Warner Bros. TV announced Tuesday.

Elsass and his team have not commented on the abrupt exit According to reports Elsass has been dealing with serious personal issues, including mental health issues. Elsass may have left or been let go

Thus, it is believed that he used an exception during filming of the last season, which he confirmed in a February Instagram story in which he questioned whether vaccines really work.

Canadian policy prohibits people without vaccinations from entering the country, a policy that was recently tested by tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, who refused to be vaccinated against C-19. 

The case of Elsass was moot since, as he stated in his statement, he did not attempt to return to the set in Canada.

There was an episode of Superman & Lois in which Elsass played Jonathan, the son of Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch).

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