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Weekend Binge: This Crispy Rava Pakoda Recipe Is Perfect For Evening Tea-Time

By Mahesh Limbani May 21, 2022

Can you ever say no to a plateful of pakodas with a cup of chai? Of course, you can’t. This snack is something we all have grown up gorging on in the evenings when hunger strikes again for something crispy and yummy. Rain or no rain, pakoda is always welcomed by our taste buds. We have tried and loved so many varieties of pakodas but there’s always some charm in treating ourselves to a completely new taste. This rava besan pakoda offers that and more with its distinct flavours and texture.

Rava (sooji) is often added to other fried foods to lend its crunch. Imagine, how crispy a pakoda would be if it’s made of sooji itself? Add to it the crunch of onions, mushiness of potatoes and fiery spark from lots of masalas – there’s no way this pakoda can be disliked by anyone. Also, the familiar nutty taste from besan keeps all those pakoda-sessions memories alive. Enough said – before we start to make this pakoda, let us share the recipe with you.

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Enjoy this crispy and delicious Rava Pakoda.

Rava Besan Pakoda Recipe I How To Make Rava Besan Pakoda At Home:

The recipe for making rava besan pakoda is surprisingly simple. In a few minutes, you can prepare and serve these lip-smacking pakodas to your family and friends for a satiating evening get-together.

Click here for the complete recipe of rava besan pakoda.

To make this mixed flour pakoda, first roast sooji and soak it in water for some time. Then make a batter of besan, onions, potatoes, roasted sooji, and spices like ginger, garlic, green chillies, red chilli powder and chaat masala. Don’t forget to top it all with the freshness of coriander leaves. Pour spoonful or ladleful of this batter into hot oil to fry till golden brown.

Pair the pakodas with your choice of sauce or chutney. Personally, we feel that this pakoda will complement a mixture of pudina chutney and saunth (sweet chutney). Try out this recipe and do come back to tell us how you liked it.

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