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First On New Australia PM’s List Of Tasks? He Says, “Uniting” The Country

By Mahesh Limbani May 21, 2022

First On New Australia PM's List Of Tasks? He Says, 'Uniting' The Country

Australia Elections: Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese is slated to be Australia’s next Prime Minister.


Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese said he wanted to bring Australians together as he made his first comments after leading his party to an election victory on Saturday after nine years in opposition.

“I want to unite the country,” Albanese told reporters as he left his home late on Saturday night to attend a Labor Party celebration in Sydney.

“I think people want to come together, look for our common interest, look towards that sense of common purpose. I think people have had enough of division, what they want is to come together as a nation and I intend to lead that.”

Earlier, conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he had called Albanese to concede defeat in Saturday’s election and congratulate Albanese on his victory.

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