Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi alleged on Thursday that the Modi government has not shown loyalty to the country or its people and warned that inflation will rise further in the coming days. He said “wrong economic policies” of the government have put the burden of inflation on the common people and it is becoming unbearable.

“There is a difference between loyalty and performance. The Modi government did not show loyalty to the country, or to the people. I am talking about inflation. If you think inflation will go down in the coming times, then you are under a misconception. Get ready for a fresh onslaught from the Modi government in the coming days,” he said in a Facebook post in Hindi.

Gandhi said the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has raised the Repo rate by 0.50 per cent and it now stands at 4.90 per cent.

According to the RBI, inflation is going to increase further in 2022-23, while retail inflation will remain at 6.7 per cent, he noted.

“The wrong economic policies of the government have put such a burden of inflation on the common people and it is now becoming unbearable for them. Home, auto, personal loans and EMIs will be costlier. I want to ask the government where should the middle class and salaried class people go and how would they sustain their families,” he said.

The Congress has been attacking the government on the issues of price rise and unemployment and has held it responsible for people’s woes.

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