Don’t buy bitcoin right now as the price is about to drop below 20000$. An unexpected drop can result in the binding of a lot of coins or the suspension of withdrawals

Don’t Buy Bitcoin Right Now As The Price Is About To Drop Below 20000$


Today, the price of bitcoin is going to fall and is likely to remain low until Friday. Around 19000 USD is expected to be the price of bitcoin on Friday.

Presently, there is a lot going on in the market, which is experiencing a lot of losses, and the status of the smaller coins has drastically deteriorated.

After Bitcoin fell below 20000 dollars again after 2020, all other cryptocurrencies dropped significantly, because it has become the biggest cryptocurrency.

Terra Luna’s value has dropped from 100$ to below 0.00001$, but Terra Luna 2.0, which was derived from Terra Classic.

has just been released to the market. You can also get Terra Luna on for 2.25$ right now