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The 2011 Mixtape By Mac Miller Is Released To The Public.

The late rapper Mac Miller’s 2011 mixtape project, I Love Life, Thank You, was released for the first time ever on Friday at midnight to all major streaming platforms for the first time, and the response was positive from the start, as it was immediately evident on social media.

The 2011 Mixtape By Mac Miller Is Released To The Public

One of the Twitter posts representatives of a response to the release of yet another Mac Miller mixtape on streaming platforms reads, “Another Mac Miller mixtape released on streaming platforms, and I’m crying because his music is a beautiful gift,”

Sadly, Miller, who was 26 years old at the time, passed away after succumbing to an accidental drug overdose in 2018. When Miller was 15 years old, he dropped a mixtape called But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy before he was tragically taken from us too soon. The mixtape kicked off his career with commercial success.

In an attempt to reach one million Twitter followers, Miller released I Love Life, Thank You, a 13-track album. As a gift to his fans, Miller released the mixtape four months after he had reached this goal as a gift in October of 2011. In the latter part of that year, he had released his first proper studio album, Blue Slide Park, before the year ended. During the course of his lifetime, he released four more studio albums, while the posthumous Circles was released as a posthumous release in January of 2020.

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On Friday, however, most of Miller’s fans on Twitter were only talking about the single I Love Life, Thank You, which was released last week.
According to one enthusiastic post on the, I Love Life, Thank You Mac Miller mixtape, “I forgot how good the mixtape was until now.”.

During an interview with @MacMiller, one of his fans wrote, “I never thought I would be

listening to [I Love Life, Thank You] on Spotify. I am extremely happy right now. I love you @MacMiller,”.

Fans recounted how Miller’s “Road 2 a Million Fans” Twitter campaign led to the mixtape’s release.

I discovered #MacMiller back in 2010 and joined Twitter for the sole purpose of keeping up with his career. I still remember when he dropped #ILoveLifeThankYou like it was yesterday. Another classic is finally available on streaming. Thank you so much @MacMiller a true legend” he wrote.

Upon hearing the release again, one person expressed a new appreciation for it.

I don’t know why I never paid attention to @MacMiller’s I Love Life, Thank You mixtape back then. It’s a damn solid project,” the Twitter user wrote on Friday.

Among the collaborative artists on I Love Life, Thank You are Sir Michael Rocks, Talib Kweli, The Come Up, and Bun B. In support of the release, his former label-Rostrum Records began a 12-hour Reddit Talk at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. Several new videos and giveaways are expected.