Brock Lesnar Reportedly Walks Out Of WWE SmackDown

Brock Lesnar Reportedly Walks Out Of WWE SmackDown

As Vince McMahon announced that he was retiring, today’s episode of WWE SmackDown might have been affected.

The Usos and The Demons are facing off in a match. The last time McMahon announced his retirement from WWE, he wrote a tweet on Twitter saying he would be stepping down as CEO and that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan would be the Co-CEOs.

Ever since those tweets, more details have started to emerge regarding if Vince plays any role in creativity or the overall process.

Brock Lesnar Reportedly Walks Out Of WWE SmackDown

The latest reports indicate that Lesnar will no longer have a role in creating any longer, and it has been reported that Brock Lesnar is “very pissed off” about the Vince news, and Bryan Alvarez has explained he has multiple sources who claim Lesnar has left the building outright.

We’ll have to wait and see if Lesnar returns or if this is what happened with Sasha Banks and Naomi in the past if he’s gone.

Alvarez adds that there was some sort of derivative to “if he’s gone, I’m gone.”. Then, WWE would address the disappearances of both stars on WWE TV and explain they were suspended indefinitely.

We might even infer that Lesnar will not return if he doesn’t come back, and maybe even be suspended permanently if he doesn’t return.

According to previous plans, Lesnar would be a part of tonight’s show in some way, and there would also be a segment dedicated to Roman Reigns’ locker room, but if he does not return there will need to be some adjustments made.

I am not sure if Reigns is also planning on being in town for this event, but luckily we do not need to wait too long to see how all this plays out.

Below you will find the official deck for SummerSlam so far, in case you would like to take a look at it.

Chairman and CEO of WWE Vince McMahon retires

As part of his retirement plan for WWE, Vince McMahon announced that he would step down as the company’s Chairman and CEO.

As a result of allegations that McMahon paid millions to former employees in order to keep affairs and alleged sexual misconduct quiet, McMahon has been the subject of an investigation by the WWE Board of Directors.

In a report from The Wall Street Journal on June 15, the Wall Street Journal broke the news of the investigation, but the events leading up to this investigation go back to 2005, and more than $12 million has been paid out as a result of the investigation.

Following the retirement of Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon currently serves as the CEO of WWE, and Nick Khan is the co-CEO.

The company’s CEO, Vince McMahon, has been serving as the company CEO since 2009 when Linda McMahon resigned from her position as the company’s CEO in order to run for public office.

The longtime executive is also involved with the WWE, having served as the company’s chief brand officer for only a short time before taking an unexpected leave of absence earlier this year from her role as the company’s chief on-air talent and executive.

Several days after the initial news broke, it has since been confirmed that Vince will no longer be involved in WWE creative and will not be present backstage for tonight’s episode of SmackDown. Here is the full statement from Vince McMahon that you can read below:

The time has come for me to step down as WWE’s Chairman and CEO as I approach 77 years old.

It has been an honor to have worked with WWE over the years in bringing you joy, inspiring you, thrilling you, surprising you, and always keeping you entertained.

It would be my pleasure to thank my family for its tremendous contribution to our success, and I would also like to thank all of our past and present Superstars and employees for their dedication and passion toward our brand, as well as their hard work and dedication.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans for allowing us to be a part of their lives every week and for making us your entertainment choice.

It is with a deep sense of gratitude and admiration that I express my deepest appreciation and admiration for every one of our generations of fans all over the world, who have liked our form of Sports Entertainment.

As a global audience, we at WWE take great pride in letting you know that we are going to continue to entertain you with the same passion, fervor, and dedication that we have always done.

There is no doubt that WWE will continue to succeed under the leadership of an extraordinary group of Superstars, employees, and executives – in particular, Stephanie McMahon, the Chairwoman and Co-CEO, and Nick Khan, the Co-CEO.

I leave our company in the capable hands of an extraordinary group of Superstars, employees, and executives. It is my intention to continue to support WWE in whatever way I am able as the majority shareholder.

Throughout the years, I would like to express my personal gratitude to our business partners, community and business partners, shareholders, and our Board of Directors for their guidance and support. As a result. It is now. It is forever. Our journey together.